The time is near. OH LORD.

I am about to upload my book to Smashwords and let it go through the intense process of getting approved! I am so nervous, I must say.

All of this suddenly seems so real. SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Ahahaha.


Inspire me, please!

Looking through my book, it is nearly a tangible thing; the feeling of self-doubt, fear, and loneliness reflected so clearly in the pages.

I am going to compile, within the next few weeks, all of the materials (books, audios, and videos) that I have used (painstakingly), to change my life around. To inspire me.

Some days, it amazes me how much change I was able to accomplish in my life simply because I refused to give up and accept my dismal situation. I didn’t give up because I knew that there was so much more for me to accomplish, so many people to reach out and help. It’s one of the greatest comforts in the world, when someone – anyone, really – tells you that you are not alone. That they have been where you’ve been (or still are).

After that, it doesn’t matter how bad your situation is. If you fell into that hole, and you know the reasons why you wound up there, then with effort and determination, you can start planning your own rescue mission. Certainly others along the way will guide you and support you, but the ultimate fight is yours.

Belief if a beautiful thing, dear readers. So I leave you with this quote:

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Shawshank Redemption

Whew! That took some time!

I am so very nearly there! Let it never be said that I don’t finish what I start!

I am going to publish the poetry book this week, come hell or high water. Just putting the finishing touches on it now.

For my next book, I will be writing/am writing a fictional chapbook compromised of short stories – that focuse on faith, religion, the spiritual/supernatural world, and the choices we make when we are faced with things far outside our realm of imagination.

I feel as though it will almost go hand-in-hand with the poetry book, because they are so similar thematically. I can’t wait to really get to work on it. I have the outlines and bits of the stories written down, but I now must get to work and flesh them out. It’s something I am extremely excited about. After that, I have the outlines for another poetry book. I can’t seem to stop now. My spirit is high.

I was always hoping that my experiences with the supernatural/spiritual world would act as a boon for me and my creative outlets later on in life. Once I had time to heal mentally, and come to terms with my experiences, I always hoped that I would be able to use it to my advantage. I’m glad to be right. So incredibly glad. I also hope to help those who suffer/suffered as I did, but that’s another task entirely.

Make good of bad situations, dear reader. There is light even in the darkest place, if only you look hard enough.

For many years, I was standing in the middle of a colossal crater of impossibility (where things such as negative spirits and nightmares existed in the physical world), and in my possession was only a small flashlight. It was all I needed, I realize that now.

In any case, when I publish the book of poems to Smashwords (and then to Amazon), I will celebrate its birth here! It will be grand, with much relief and joyous arm flailing.


Anna Kesh