Whew! That took some time!

I am so very nearly there! Let it never be said that I don’t finish what I start!

I am going to publish the poetry book this week, come hell or high water. Just putting the finishing touches on it now.

For my next book, I will be writing/am writing a fictional chapbook compromised of short stories – that focuse on faith, religion, the spiritual/supernatural world, and the choices we make when we are faced with things far outside our realm of imagination.

I feel as though it will almost go hand-in-hand with the poetry book, because they are so similar thematically. I can’t wait to really get to work on it. I have the outlines and bits of the stories written down, but I now must get to work and flesh them out. It’s something I am extremely excited about. After that, I have the outlines for another poetry book. I can’t seem to stop now. My spirit is high.

I was always hoping that my experiences with the supernatural/spiritual world would act as a boon for me and my creative outlets later on in life. Once I had time to heal mentally, and come to terms with my experiences, I always hoped that I would be able to use it to my advantage. I’m glad to be right. So incredibly glad. I also hope to help those who suffer/suffered as I did, but that’s another task entirely.

Make good of bad situations, dear reader. There is light even in the darkest place, if only you look hard enough.

For many years, I was standing in the middle of a colossal crater of impossibility (where things such as negative spirits and nightmares existed in the physical world), and in my possession was only a small flashlight. It was all I needed, I realize that now.

In any case, when I publish the book of poems to Smashwords (and then to Amazon), I will celebrate its birth here! It will be grand, with much relief and joyous arm flailing.


Anna Kesh


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